Chief Lionel Aaron is a 38-year law enforcement veteran and with Harris County Constable Precinct 7, he works in the area of administration.​​ Chief Aaron is also the Precinct 7 Chaplain.

Lionel_aaron@hctx.netChief Deputy

Captain Jimmy Adams.jpg

Captain Jimmy Adams'  career in law enforcement started in 1972. He was a member of class #54. This was one of the first classes that the Houston Police Department accepted 19-year-olds in their police academy.  His first assignment after graduating was with the Traffic Enforcement Division. In 1979 the division was disbanded. Captain Adams moved on to work in the Radio Patrol Division at the Park Place Substation. After several years with Radio Patrol, Adams moved on to work in a special unit of the Auto Theft Division called Auto Dealers. Working undercover, Adams assisted in many auto theft investigations and conducted audits of numerous auto storage lots thru-out the Houston area.  In 1995 Captain Adams was accepted into the distinguished Motorcycle Detail.  This assignment allowed him access to one of the first Harley Davidson classes in Tactical Training on operating a motorcycle.  

 In 2010 Captain Adams retired from the Houston Police Department after 38 years of service. However, retirement for the Captain was short-lived. He received a call from Chief Lionel Aaron with Harris County Constable Precinct 7 regarding a position they had available in Recruiting. Adams accepted the position with Precinct 7 in 2011. The next year he was promoted to Sergeant and would manage the department's Property Room. He received training through the TAPEIT Class of Property Room Supervision. Further training included the Professional Standards of Internal Affairs Investigations, which enabled him to conduct Internal Affairs Investigations.  On November 21, 2018, Constable May Walker promoted Adams to Captain over Administration. Captain Adams went on to complete the Masters in Internal Affairs Investigations through the FBI – LEEDA. He also received a Master's in Property/Evidence Inventory Technician.



​Captain J.M. Phillips is a 21 year law enforcement veteran, who is over Field Operations; which includes Patrol, Contract Patrol, and Toll Road Enforcement.​

James_phillips@hctx.netField Operations

​Captain H. Jones is an experienced law enforcement manager and former Police Chief.  He graduated from the University of Houston – Clear Lake with a Master’s Degree in Criminology has a Doctorate (PhD) in ​Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University’s Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.  He received a certification in the Management of the Small Law Enforcement Agency from the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute.  Additionally, he successfully graduated from the Executive Development Institute from Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety.  He is also a former Adjunct Professor of Texas Southern University, Kaplan University, and Sam Houston State University.  He is a graduate of Sam Houston State University’s Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas’s (LEMIT) New Police Chief Course and the Texas Police Chief Leadership Series. Lt. H. Jones holds a Master Peace Certification, Instruction Certification, Field Training Instructor Certification, Crisis Intervention Certification, Emergency Management Certification and is a member of the State Bar of Texas, as a licensed Attorney.​

Holland.Jones@cn7.hctx.netToll Road Division Supervisor & Trianing Coordinator

Lt Marcus Grant.JPG

​He is the Captain over Field Operations which includes being the direct supervisor of Precinct 7 Lieutenants in Patrol and Contract divisions.​​

Marcus.grant@cn7.hctx.netField Operation

​Lieutenant Anil Sharma is a law enforcement veteran who is a TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) Certified Instructor and holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.  He is the Lieutenant over Civil Process. He is also a TCOLE Certified Firearms Instructor and is the departments Firearms Proficiency Supervisor.​

Anil.sharma@cn7.hctx.netField Operation

​Lieutenant Kenneth Davis is a law enforcement veteran who is a TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) Certified Instructor and holds a Master Peace Officer Certification.  He is the Lieutenant of Administration which includes all general administrative tasks.

KeDavis@hctx.netAuxilliary Operactions Division

​Law enforcement veteran of 38 years worked in several divisions with HPD including narcotics, juvenile jail, and dispatch.  Lieutenant Byrd is currently supervisor over Precinct 7 Reserve Deputies.

Ernest.Byrd@cn7.hctx.netReserve Division

​Ewing holds the distinction of being “The First African-American Chief Clerk in the State of Texas." She worked for Harris County for 27 years and retired on December 31,1999. No longer in retirement, Ewing is back at Precinct 7 in the capacity of Chief Clerk.  Ewing is responsible for the management of the Communications Division and also manages the Civil clerks, who are responsible for processing court orders.

Roberta_ewing@hctx.netChief Clerk

​Greenwood, a former educator with a background in Journalism and Broadcast Communications is responsible for publicizing Precinct 7 activities, programs, coordinating press events, writing and editing the website and the newsletter and other projects.



​Anna Carriere, formerly a Business Healthcare Manager with over 15 years experience as an Administrative Executive, is responsible for scheduling Constable Walker's itinerary and performing other duties at the Constable's discretion.​

Anna.Carriere@cn7.hctx.netExecutive Secretary to Constable Walker