Public Relations

This department is responsible for disseminating Precinct 7 information to members of the electronic and print media, coordinating press events, writing and modifying Precinct 7’s website, writing and editing newsletters, and performs other special assignments.

Press Releases, Information, Media Liaison, Community Liaison

 The Media Relations Division of Harris County Constable Precinct 7 acts as liaison between the department and the news media, partners, and constituents. We are in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act and with the best interest of the department, its employees, and the citizens of Harris County Precinct 7. We do your best to respond timely and accurately to routine media inquiries and public record request during normal business hours.
We understand the importance of using the media as a valuable resource to keep the public informed as to the Department’s activities. In this regard, we realize that our role is to assist members of the media in completing the task of gathering information and reporting on news events impacting area residents. The public’s perception and image of the Department is largely dependent on the hard work of the Precinct 7 Media Relations Department.

The Media Relations director is available 24/7 to assist members of the media.
  • To reach our team during business hours (weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.), call 713-274-3518 

  • After hours and weekends, please call our 24-hour dispatch at 713-643-6602 and ask to have the on-call media relations representative.