Bicycle Unit

Precinct 7's voluntary Bike Unit provides support to Deputies who perform vehicle patrols. The Bike Unit Deputies also assist in providing security, traffic and crowd control in Precinct 7 during parades, trail rides, and community gatherings. The Bike Unit provides patrol to the Precinct’s walking and hiking trails along our bayou areas.

If you are a biking enthusiast, here are few helpful tips to prevent bicycle theft:

  • Never allow a stranger to ride your bike even if the person promises to just go a short distance; they may never come back with your bike.
  • Lock your bike, even if it will be left unattended just for a few minutes.
  • Use a high quality hardened steel U-shaped lock.  Please avoid flimsy locks that can be easily broken or cut.
  • Record your bike's serial number, keep your sales receipt, photograph your bike and keep all of this in a safe place.

We want you to be safe when riding a bicycle.