Honor Guard

The Harris County Precinct 7 Honor Guard is an elite group of deputies selected to participate and represent Precinct 7 during all official ceremonies involving elected officials, deaths of law enforcement officers, etc.  Members consist of full-time and reserve deputies in good standing with Harris County Precinct 7.  Members will serve a term of one year.

The first month of each year is designated as recruitment month for the Honor Guard. However, the Honor Guard may recruit during the remainder of the year if membership is critically low or the Constable may assign anyone at any time at her discretion.

The members of the Honor Guard train a minimum of two hours per month in (Drill & Ceremonies) from the Military Manual 22-5.  This training allows them to hone their skills in the proper method of folding and presenting the flag during burial ceremonies, presentations of colors during parades, salutes during burial ceremonies with arms, etc.

Honor Guard Members are deployed upon command by the Constable or Chief Deputy to represent Precinct 7 in ceremonies of all sworn personnel who are killed in the line of duty.  Honor Guard members may also be deployed for all civilian personnel (employed by Harris County Precinct 7) who are killed in the line of duty and all sworn personnel of other agencies in Harris County who are killed in the line of duty when requested to perform a large part of the ceremony.

The Honor Guard will participate in the honoring of fallen Peace Officers during Harris County Peace Officers Memorial Day and the State of Texas Peace Memorial Day held in Austin, Texas bi-annually.