Warrant Division

Another Precinct 7 division is the Warrant Division. All Class C Warrants issued by the Justice of the Peace Courts are executed by the Constable's Office; it also handles civil orders, such as child support from the Attorney General's Office. The Warrant Division also executes national and international warrants from other jurisdictions. Most warrants are a result of traffic violations and hot checks. 


If you get a door hanger informing you that there is a warrant for your arrest, contact the deputy whose name and number are listed on the document for instructions as to how to clear up the warrant. If you receive a letter in the mail informing you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, call (713) 643-6118 for instructions on how to clear up the warrant. Contact any of our clerks at (713) 643-6118 and they will be able to assist in checking the Harris County computer system to determine if open warrants exist and inform you as to how to clear them.

Writ of Execution

This is an order of the Court to any constable in the state of Texas ordering him to execute on any non-exempt assets. Is a judicial writ directing the enforcement of a district, county, or justice court judgment?  The writ typically directs the constable to levy on a defendant’s nonexempt property, sell it, and deliver the sale proceeds to the plaintiff to be applied toward satisfaction of the judgment. A judgment creditor has the right, as a matter of law, to have a writ of execution issued unless and until the defendant files a proper supersedeas bond.  If no supersedeas bond is filed and approved, a writ of execution must be issued if the plaintiff applies for it after the expiration of thirty days from the time final judgment is signed. If a motion for a new trial is timely filed but is denied, the clerk must issue the writ after the expiration of thirty days from the time the order overruling the motion is signed or from the time the motion is overruled by operation of law.


There are two Justice of the Peace courts in Precinct 7 which handle both civil and criminal cases.  The Constable’s Offices in Harris County are responsible for ensuring that courthouses are safe and secure and Precinct 7 has Deputies assigned to both JP Courts to fulfill that obligation. In addition to various other duties, the Deputies are responsible for maintaining order and security within the courtrooms as well as acting upon orders issued from the presiding judge.   The bailiffs are also responsible for taking persons into custody when directed to do so by the judges and for booking them into the Harris County Jail or the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center as necessary.

Tax Sales

In Texas, if property taxes are not paid, a tax lawsuit is filed to collect the taxes. The tax suit is a lawsuit filed on behalf of the county to compel the payment of property taxes. If these property taxes are not paid, the county has the court-mandated right to sell the property for the back tax amount. In other words, the county will offer the tax delinquent property at a public tax sale auction. The opening bid will typically be set at the amount of back taxes owed. This amount usually consists of:

  • Delinquent Property Taxes
  • Interest Charges
  • Penalty Fees
  • Legal Costs
  • Administrative Charges and Fees